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Latest Health and Safety News

News, views and stories of interest which may help you in your Health and Safety strategy. The archive section is always open to view stories you might have missed. Below is a list of all our current news items, or you can view our past stories by going to our archive section.

Submitted on 24 Oct 2017

Safeguarding against the Hazards of Fire!

Our brief guide to the basics of fire safety - to help you understand your responsibilities, set up the right procedures, and ensure your business has adequate and appropriate fire safety measures in place. ... read more »


Submitted on 18 Aug 2017

Working safely - going back to basics

When half of workers don’t know basic HS rules or take them seriously - what can you do as their employer to ensure they don’t put themselves in danger? Perhaps it’s a matter of going back to basics? ... read more »


Submitted on 26 Jul 2017

Is Your Business a healthy place to work – or deadly!

Whether you work in a high risk industry or not, your workplace still has the potential of being a killer! But, as an employer, it’s not just a case of identifying the potential hazards to health – it’s also recognising the opportunities to make it a healthier, and more profitable, place to work! ... read more »


Submitted on 27 Jun 2017

Safeguarding your Business in uncertain times

In these uncertain times protecting your business from the “unexpected” is vital if you are to ensure your business will successfully recover from a major incident. So if you think of Business Continuity as just more red tape - you may want to think again! ... read more »


Submitted on 12 Apr 2017

Workplace Safety – is your Business at Risk?

If you feel in the dark about identifying workplace risks and how to tackle them, our newly enhanced Self-Assessment questionnaire can help bring you into the light! ... read more »


Submitted on 8 Dec 2016

Your glitch-free guide to celebrating the festive season!

It’s not long now before the seasonal festivities begin in earnest - so here are a few things to consider to ensure you and your staff have a trouble free Christmas. ... read more »


Submitted on 31 Oct 2016

If it’s “severe weather ahead” – is your business ready?

While many of us in the UK are enjoying some glorious autumn weather, now is a good time to review your plans to protect your business against any severe weather in the months ahead! ... read more »


Submitted on 10 Oct 2016

Sitting is the new Smoking

With a major focus now on the wellbeing of those in work – what changes can you make in your business to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff? ... read more »


Submitted on 20 Sep 2016

Counting the Cost - Young Workers at Risk

By engaging young people employers play an important part in supporting the development of the next generation of workers. But with that comes responsibility for ensuring those young people, who are more vulnerable than their older colleagues, are protected from harm. ... read more »


Submitted on 24 Aug 2016

Launch of New Standard for Lone Workers

With the anticipated publication in September of the new Standard for Lone Workers* - perhaps now is a good time to take a fresh look at how to best protect staff who work alone. ... read more »


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